ASTD History

The foundation of the company dates back to the summer 2012. It's not one specific date but rather a period when the idea of founding a new organization matured - the organization whose motto is training and development of diving and flexibility in new trends. The company was established by three friends who were active in diving world since their early youth. For some of us it was about 30 years of diving at a time when ASTD was founded. During that time we have trained hundreds of divers, instructors and trainers of instructors.

After our earlier long-term work for CMAS - the Presidium of the Union of Divers in Moravia and Silesia Region in the Medical Committee and Subcommittee for Technical diving as well as in leadership of IANTD Central Europe etc. we have finally decided to set up our own training organization.

We made this decision with the idea of making use of our long experience in previous organizations to build up our own project. Project which aims to provide support for teaching diving with emphasis on safety, recency of training guidelines and especially the abilities of divers.

We have created lots of training materials for our previous organizations. Also we are authors of dozens diving books, manuals, training methods and translations. We actively published in diving magazines. Thanks to our work in leadership in previous organizations we were able to influence trends in diving training as well as cross the diving limits.

Diving is for us still extremely fun which is the most important thing for ASTD.